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                          Trade Show Name: BIG 5
                          Date Attended: 2019 .11
                          Host Country/Region: AE
                          Introduction: The most influential and largest construction, building materials and services exhibition in the Middle East. The five major industry exhibitions (BIG5) in Dubai, the Middle East, started in 1980.
                          Trade Show Name: 2017 China Yiwu Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair
                          Date Attended: 2017 .4
                          Host Country/Region: CN
                          Introduction: China's traditional business base, the world's buyers gathered
                          Trade Show Name: Iran International Hardware & Tools Exhibition
                          Date Attended: 2017 .2
                          Host Country/Region: IR
                          Introduction: This exhibition will surely benefit the visitors who want a unique style and decor of their home,Buyers from the Middle East countries are very interested
                          Trade Show Name: China International Hardware Show 2016
                          Date Attended: 2016 .10
                          Host Country/Region: CN
                          Introduction: China's famous exhibition, held in the international city of Shanghai, attracting many domestic and foreign exhibitors and customers
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